Why is dm3 open-source
and a public good?

Why is dm3 open-source
and a public good?

The dm3 protocol, at its core, is a manifestation of the Web3 ethos, deeply resonating with the technical community's drive for innovation, decentralization, and collaboration. As an open-source project, it embodies the spirit of Web3 by fostering a platform where transparency, security, and community governance are not just ideals, but realities. In this collaborative space, developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and visionaries come together to contribute to a messaging protocol that is more than just code – it's a commitment to the principles of Web3. This commitment ensures that dm3 is continuously refined and evolved, not in silos, but in an open, communal environment where every contribution furthers our collective goal of a decentralized and secure digital future. By aligning with the Web3 ethos, Dm3 doesn't just offer a technical solution; it offers a path forward in building digital communication tools that are inherently secure, user-centric, and built on the foundations of a decentralized, equitable internet. This approach appeals directly to those who are not only technically adept but also deeply invested in shaping a future where technology aligns with the values of autonomy, privacy, and community-driven development.

Who initiated dm3?

Who initiated dm3?

corpus.io (corpus.ventures)builds web3 products. Our roots go back to the birth of Ethereum, hardened by the experience of TheDAO, slock.it, aleth.io, atpar.io, and many more projects. Strongly driven by Ethereum’s values such as openness, interoperability, censorship resistance, and decentralization. We are a product studio buidling for the self-sovereign individual. Upgrading the web!


Steffen Kux


Heiko Burkhardt


Eduardo Vega-Patiño

Community Engagement

Mayra Castillo

Community Manager

Alex Plutta

Software/Blockchain Dev

Malte Ish

Software/Blockchain Dev

Marcel Arnold

SEO and Web

External Developer

UI Dev

The dm3 Community

Devs, Contribs, Supporters


Christoph Jentzsch

Dr. Johannes Pfeffer

Florian Glatz


Any questions? Get in touch with us via contact.dm3.eth or hello@dm3.network!