dm3 – Decentralized messaging for web3

Truly purpose-driven and open source.

Hi frENS! We believe that ENS domains will be the usernames and profiles of web3. That’s why we want to make them the cornerstone of the dm3 Protocol. A secure and decentralized way to send messages from and to ENS domains.

Enjoy using dm3 for free.

How To get started?

You need an ENS address and a MetaMask wallet – you’re ready to go!

How Does it work?

The foundation of the communication tool is the Ethereum Name Service as the public key register.

dm3 is an end-to-end encrypted decentralized messenger tool that protects your communication and empowers you to collaborate with other community members of the web3 ecosystem.

Delivery Flow

  1. Alice types her message for Bob into the dm3 app and submits it.
  2. The dm3 app asks on-chain for Bob’s dm3 profile. To do so, the app queries the eth.dm3.profile text record linked to his ENS name. The profile contains Bob’s public encryption key, his public signing key, and the URL to the delivery service he uses.
  3. The message content is signed using Alice’s private signing key and encrypted using Bob’s public encryption key. After the message is encrypted, it is sent to the delivery service used by Bob via its WebSocket API.
  4. The delivery service pushes the message to Bob’s instance of the dm3 app. The app decrypts the message using Bob’s private encryption key.
  5. The app queries Alice’s dm3 profile and uses it to check whether the message signature is valid.
  6. If the signature is valid, Bob is able to read the message

Web App


dm3 – real decentralized messaging for web3, built with and for the ENS community.

Integrate dm3 as a widget in your dapp!

Anyone can write their own messenger implementation based on the dm3 protocol or just use our widget.

What makes the difference?

  • ENS based
  • truly decentralized
  • end-to-end encrypted communication
  • you really own your inbox
  • integrate it as a widget
  • open source protocol

Who built it?


We build web3 products. Our roots go back to the birth of Ethereum, hardened by the experience of TheDAO, slock.it, aleth.io, atpar.io, and many more projects. Strongly driven by Ethereum’s values such as openness, interoperability, censorship resistance, and decentralization. We are a venture studio buidling for the self-sovereign individual. Upgrading the web!


Heiko Burkhardt – Project Lead


Mayra Castillo – Community Manager


Eduardo Vega-Patiño – Community Engagement

Steffen Kux

Steffen Kux – Product Manager, Developer

Any questions? Get in touch with us via dm3.eth or hello@dm3.network