What is dm3?

Dm3 is the layer-0 web3 messaging protocol focussed. on secure encryption, decentralization, privacy, and interoperability.

Is dm3 open source?

Yes. The source code of the reference implementation is published under the BSD licence.

What is the mission of dm3?

The mission of dm3 is not to replace but to connect. As layer-0 messaging protocol, dm3 enables other messaging protocols, services, or app to become interoperable with all other dm3 compatible solutions without compromising security or privacy.

Can I use dm3 in my dApp?

Yes. The dm3 embedded components can be used to add secure dm3 messaging to any dApp.

Can I send not encrypted messages via dm3?

No. End-2-end encryption is an essential feature of the dm3 protocol. If supported by the sender's and receiver's client, a different encryption algorithm could be used. ATTENTION: the use of not secure encryption schemes is not recommended!